My Music – Sam Smith

It’s all about my dude right here!  Legit, his voice is the truth! You may have fallen in love with his voice when he was featured on Disclosure’s song “Latch” that was big on the DJ scene last year.  We played that record to death.  Radio is getting turned on to it now, but Sam Smith has been a songwriter for a while.  Now, it’s his turn to be up front and center.

I love live music so here is “Stay With Me” from his debut album The Lonely Hour.   He performed on Saturday Night Live.  You know you will be crying after you listen to it.  hahaha!


My Music – Coldplay

I love this song, “Magic”.  I saw Coldplay perform it on Jimmy Fallon’s show last week and I really fell in love with it.  It’s off their Ghost Stories Album coming out May 19th, I believe.  I’m looking forward to the release because I adore this band.

It’s one of those songs, i want to spend time inside of if I could like…well…magic!  Enjoy!

My Music – Lianne La Havas

The funny thing about Lianne La Havas is that my cousin introduced me to her music via a concert at Webster Hall in New York City last year and I fell in love with her music.  Ever since, I have been following her live performances which are great.  Don’t get me wrong she sounds beautiful on wax as well, but live performances are alway thrilling especially when artists sound really good.

Check her out and buy her music.  She is so worth it.  This is her song “Tease Me” but her up tempo songs are great as well.

My Music – Zendaya

“Replay” is the most popular song on this album on Zendaya’s self titled album, but I like EDM so “Fireflies” is one of my favorites.

When I want to complain about my love life I listen to “Cry for Love.”  She reminds me of Cassie especially in the video for “Replay” but I can see her swag is a little different.

She’s a Disney kid so you know their legacy:  Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears.  Just sayin’.

Plus my Godson loves “Replay” and he’s only 2 years old so I smile every time I hear it.  That kid knows his music, just like his Madrina.

Have a listen.

My Music – Disclosure at Terminal 5 – Jan. 19 show

What better way to debut my new category entitled My Music than with a really cool group.

I got turned onto Disclosure this summer while at Scratch DJ Academy in the city. Everyone was banging the tunes off their debut album, Settle, all summer long from “Defeated No More” and “You & Me” to “White Noise” and of course “Latch.”

I went  to see them with a friend and let me tell you, they gave an awesome show. The brothers Guy and Howard Laurence, did their thing and their light show was amazing.  I love that they sing and play instruments as well as add their take on the EDM scene. They had the crowd dancing all night.  However, they totally brought he house down when they brought the legendary Mary J. Blige on stage!  It was such a surprise that I think the brothers were even overwhelmed that they were sharing the stage with Mary! LOL 

Disclosure @ Terminal 5  - NYC

Disclosure @ Terminal 5 – NYC

If you like house music or even electronic dance music in general, you probably already heard of Disclosure, but if you haven’t yet put this in your playlist, I highly suggest you do.

So glad I went to see them.  They did their thing while in NY this weekend from Terminal 5 to Webster Hall, they gave us love and we gave it right back.