Communing with the Universe

I know…it’s been a while, but I’m back!
I took my vision board down. I had a mind to do it many times before because even though the images of what I wanted were on there, they just didn’t move me. I’ve always thought of myself as a visual person, and majoratively I am, but for some reason, this just wasn’t doing it for me. I would look at it, but I wouldn’t feel it. So, I took it down and ripped everything off of it (lovingly) and chucked it, then placed the large board away to perhaps use at later date.

Instead, I put a much smaller board on my wall and left it blank and decided that when inspired and moved by something, I would put something up there.

So, on one very warm day driving home, I came to realization that me and the universe just weren’t communicating well.  In order to commune properly with the universe in a way that make me feel like we were in touch I had to correct how we were communicating.  For many years now I truly feel like I have focused on the things I wanted. Envision them…Physically react to them… I write romance so I think about romance all the time, but is romance in my life? Negative. So, I guess we’re not communicating well.

The writer came out at that moment and so I decided to write the universe a letter about what the “deally” was going on. Why? Well, because I connect to the word more than any other form of expression, be it orally or visually. I didn’t stop there though. I took out my feather pen and ink and the best paper I could find. I then wrote a letter slowly and deliberately, dipping the pen into the ink, making accurate calligraphy strokes and affirming what I needed to say in language as precise as possible. It took me some time, but, it was fantastic. I felt like Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice writing to Jane.

I then folded the letter and wax sealed it with a fleur de lis stamp (because in my head I’m royalty) and tacked it on my blank and unimpressive corrugated board. The funny thing is that I look at it often and I remember and focus on the delicately chosen words therein. I have realized that I spend more time thinking about what I wrote to the universe and feel it more than anything I ever previously put on my old board. Will this help me to commune with the universe better? More frequently? Accurately? I don’t know, but I feel as though I have done something much more aligned with expressing and connecting to my dreams and goals than the visual interpretation.

In honoring my mode of communication, I honored myself.