Time is a funny thing.  Depending on your perspective it can either be used well or poorly.

I don’t know how many times I have said that I need to make a change, but time can also be deceiving, pulling you into its spell and hypnotizing you into believing that you have a lot of it, even when you say, “I don’t have any time.”

I have been working at a company for almost 7 years where at least once a day I had mentioned to myself that I needed to make a change.  Well, sometimes change is initiated by you or sometimes change is thrust upon you.  Let the thrusting begin!

When you leave a place you have been at for 7 years, everyone at the company is losing one soul.  The person leaving, however is losing multiple souls and all at once.  If you are all “about the people,” like me, then this is excruciating, no matter how gentle the exiting process is.  You worry that you have forgotten someone in you email, you rush to give everyone a hug, you decide on how much you share and you have to make a clear distinction, in your emotional state, on how you wish  to connect with people going forward.

You are also sad.  Even if you are ready to go, are presented daily with reasons why this is a good choice, and hopeful about your future and your ability to land on your feet, your are still nervous and fearful and did I mention sad?

This is what transition feels like.

I take a few deep breaths and continue to smile because that is what I do whether I am angry and even if I’m said.  I put on some music and dance the blues away because that’s what I do.  Someone gave me a great saying today.  She said, “Every morning when you get up, say to yourself Today is going to be a great day!”  Thank you VO!  That mantra starts today.

So, here’s to transition!  May it be grueling if it must, dark and confusing at moments, but in the end be the start of great change, resulting in many great days!